Meet Laura Castle


Meet Laura Castle :)


Where are you from?

Deal in Kent.

Please introduce yourself in 2-5 sentences.

Hello! I’m Laura and I’m 29 next month (almost 30 gang represent). I’m from a small town in southeast England and live with my dog, Charis and my boyfriend Timo. We like a quiet life, we work a lot and are saving up for future travel.

Since when are you vegan / plant-based?

I’ve been vegan for 7 years this October.

What made you decide you to make this change?

I worked at an animal sanctuary and one of the girls there (now a best friend of mine) was vegan and over the space of a year, she just chatted with me and explained the industry’s and why we shouldn’t exploit animals. A couple of years later it finally sunk in and that was it!

What aliment/product do you miss the most? Any alternatives to replace it?

Dairy milk! And yes! Nomo chocolate and fellow creatures chocolate hits the spot for me.

What is your favorite meal? 

Hmmm that’s hard! A pad Thai maybe but only from Thailand 😂 or a good ole roast dinner.

What would be your number one tip for someone willing to become vegan / plant-based? 

Just remember who you are doing it for, remember the victims. Animals are my motivation and also inspiration everyday.

And of course... Where do you get your protein?

We don’t.. haven't you heard 😉 jks, from all the tofu and fake meats mainly!!!

Anything else you wanna share with us? :)

If you aren’t vegan and have a companion animal near you, feel their breath rising and falling, look into their eyes, and just imagine someone harming them for a meal. If you can feel that is wrong deep down, you already understand veganism. 🥰

Thank you for reading!

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