Meet Izabella Passero

Meet Izabella Passero :)


Please introduce yourself in 2-5 sentences

Hi! My name is Izabella and I am a fashion designer and stylist living in New York City! I am very passionate about health, wellness, and sustainability. :)


Since when are you vegan?

4 years


What decided you to switch to a plant-based lifestyle? 

My love for animals and the environment.


What aliment/product do you miss the most? 



What is your favorite vegan meal? 

So hard to choose, totally depends on my mood. I love vegan Mac n cheese and ice cream! Oh and of course vegan pizza.


What would be your number one tip for someone willing to become vegan?

Do your research and don’t be afraid to experiment and try new foods!


And of course... Where do you get your protein?

Literally everything. So many things have protein in them it’s amazing. My favorites are beans, tempeh, lentils, tofu, nuts, and so much more.

Anything else you wanna share with us? :)

Switching over to a plant-based lifestyle has completely changed my life in so many amazing ways. My skin, my health, and my energy levels have improved immensely and most importantly I’ve saved countless innocent lives by thinking about more than just myself. I believe that animals have just as much of a right to life as humans. ❤️ 

Thanks for this awesome interview!

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